Care and Repair Expo 2018

How we market the event

The Annual Expo will benefits from a dedicated marketing campaign designed to attract the key personnel involved in selecting and purchasing the products and services in the home healthcare and rehabilitation market.

Contacts are targeted via a hand-built database of Scotland's top decision makers and specifiers. Personnel being targeted control budgets and make THE decisions on what materials and products are used in Scotland's home healthcare and rehabilitation market.

Key campaign components:

Direct Mail - utilising the qualified database,  this event will reach all the personnel listed above. The mail-outs comprise highly visual brochures and flyers.

Personalised e.mails and telephone calls will be made via our sales teams to targeted lists with tailored messages as a follow up to initial brochure mail outs in order to gain feedback on the event, gauge interest and secure bookings.

Flyer inserts - in key titles will deliver a mechanism for registration while providing a high impact physical reminder of the show.

Advertising - another effective direct response mechanism promoting awareness throughout the industry.

We aim to champion the innovation and high standards of the Scottish home healthcare and rehabilitation market.

We will include any newsworthy items supplied by our Exhibitors and sponsors. We will also feature Press Releases from our Exhibitors and sponsors on our website.  We are more that happy to approach publications on behalf of exhibitors who feel that they should be aware of the event and the products being showcased.

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