2018 Speakers

2018 Speakers announced...

  • Robert Thomson National Director, Care and Repair Scotland
  • Paul Smith Director, Foundations
  • Brian Sloan CEO, Age Scotland
  • Dr Rachael Docking Centre for Ageing Better
  • Sofia Iqbal Healthy Housing Hub, Derby City Council
  • Grant Carson Glasgow centre for Inclusive Living
  • Nicola Hanssen, ROAR - Connections for Life
  • Annie Macrae, Energy Savings Trust
  • Linda Morrow, Disabled Living Foundation
  • Graeme Brown, Director of Shelter Scotland
  • Alison McKean, Alzheimer Scotland
  • Maureen Cameron/ Judith Leslie, Life Changes Trust Funded Dementia Services
  • Alison Docherty/ Jill Pritchard, iHub Solutions for Change


Information Sessions 2.15pm:

1. Roar - Nicola Hanssen:
Building Safer Communities National Strategic Assessment of Unintentional Harm published in April 2017 highlights how falls and loneliness are the 2 highest causes of unintentional harm. Community Safety partnerships around Scotland have had to withdraw from their non-statuary prevention work and Care and Repair handyperson services are being cut in many areas. How can we change this direction of travel and get prevention and early intervention back into focus? Roar has created Stay Mobile Stay Connected which is both a campaign and a whole systems approach to reducing or stopping primary falls.

2. Dementia Enablement Project:

The Life Changes Trust has funded four Care & Repair services, operating in three different geographical areas, to develop and test a Home Enablement & Safety Service for people

affected by dementia and their unpaid carers for a three year period. At last year’s Conference, Judith from Angus and Maureen from Lochaber shared the background to the

project, its aims and outcomes and agreed to return in 2018 to update delegates on progress and share what they have learned during the first year of the project. 

3. Derby Health and Housing HubPresenter: Safia Iqbal

The Healthy Housing Hub is trying to solve the increasing problem of avoidable hospital admissions along with improving quality of life for the people we help by making homes healthier.

Information Sessions 3.15pm:

1. Energy Saving Trust - Annie MacRae
I will be presenting on the Scottish Government’s HEEPS: Equity Loan pilot, which Energy Saving Trust delivers in partnership with Care and Repair. I will explain the purpose of the pilot scheme and the householders it aims to support, and cover the progress of the scheme so far and recent updates.
2. Linda Morrow - The Disabled Living Foundation:
The Disabled Living Foundation has been providing free and impartial information relating to aids to daily living since 1969. With almost fifty years of experience we now have the largest independent knowledge base of aids and equipment (assistive technology) in Europe. Having this information is, of course, only the beginning.

DLF services include online resources for professionals and members of the public regarding aids, equipment and adaptations. We also provide accredited training in assessing individuals and their home for adaptations which will promote independence and manage risk. 

This session will provide an overview of the services available and give delegates the opportunity to explore how DLF services can benefit their clients. 

3. iHub – Housing Solutions for Change, Presenter: Alison Docherty and Jill Pritchard

This workshop will share the work from the strategic change initiative developed under the National Adapting for Change Programme. The workshop will:
1. Provide examples from Health and Social Care Partnerships, who have implemented/are implementing an early intervention housing solutions approach.
2. Share a range of training modules that have been developed to support Housing Solutions which encourages a strategic multi-partnership, integrated approach across Housing, Health and Social Care, and other relevant stakeholders

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