2017 Speakers



2017 Plenary Sessions:

10.00 Sandra McDonald, The Public Guardian

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The Public Guardian is responsible for assuring the protection of adults with mental incapacity.  Sandra heads the Office of the Public Guardian which employs 80 staff, is located in Falkirk but has a Scotland wide remit.  

Sandra trained as a nurse and worked for five years as a Sister on an intensive care unit before moving to a management role in the NHS where she managed a number of services before changing direction in to the legal field. Combining her NHS and legal knowledge, Sandra became an in-house legal advisor to an NHS Trust, as well as leading their clinical claims portfolio. Sandra has been Public Guardian for Scotland since 2004; the combination of management, law and nursing makes Sandra ideally suited for this role.   

Session Description

To look at the array of ‘flags’ which may indicate a person is the victim of, or vulnerable to, financial abuse and what to do about this where you have concerns


10.30 June Wylie, Healthcare Improvement Scotland

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June is a registered Occupational Therapist who has spent over 20 years working as a therapist and manager in a range of acute services including acute medicine, medicine of the elderly and stroke in Glasgow, Ayrshire and Edinburgh.For the last thirteen years June has worked in national posts at as Healthcare Improvement Scotlandand the Scottish Government.She completed an MSc in Integrated Service Improvement Health and Social Care in 2011.  In her current role June oversees a range of national improvement programmes including Living Well in Communities, Focus on Dementia, and Place, Home and Housing 


11.30 Lynda Hutton, Stirling University Dementia Centre

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Lynda qualified as a Registered Mental Health in 1989 and has held varying roles within dementia care over the years. With experience in both hospital and community settings but more recently within the third sector supporting families living with dementia post diagnosis. Since 2010 studying at both undergraduate level in Dementia Studies and latterly attaining a postgraduate Diploma in Dementia Studies. This enabled Lynda to further develop services within the third sector for those living with dementia through evidence based interventions.

Session Description

Research has shown us that getting the environment right can have important benefits to the individual living with dementia. There is an evidence base that shows that environments that have been adapted for supporting cognition can reduce the likelihood of falls, agitation, distressed behaviour, the use of anti-psychotic medication and support wayfinding, activity, nutritional intake, sleeping patterns, communication, quality of life, independence and well-being. This session explores some of the adaptations that can have the biggest impact on functioning for older people and those living with dementia.

12.00 Ross McCulloch, Third Sector Lab

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Ross is the founder of Be Good Be Social training and events, as well as Direcor of Third Sector Lab. He has worked with a wide range of charity and public sector clients on social media strategy, including Relationships Scotland, SCVO, Oxfam Scotland, Enable Scotland, and Breakthrough Breast Cancer. Ross also sits on Foundation Scotland's Impact and Innovation Committee and is Chair of Comic Relief's Community Cash Glasgow funding panel.

13.45 Neil Leckie, Energy Savings Trust

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Neil Leckie has worked for 5 years at the Energy Saving Trust, one of the UK’s leading organisations in promoting energy efficiency, energy conservation and sustainability to reduce the impact of climate change.  As well as working on the HEEPS Equity Loan,  Neil helps to manage a number of other Scottish Government programmes offering funding to businesses, homeowners and social landlords to cut fuel bills and save energy.

Steven Clarkson, Argyll and Bute C&R

Last 2 years Manager at Argyll and Bute Care and Repair.Previously, 25+ years in operations and human resources including consultancy for a variety of organisations within the marine and diving sector, public services such as ITI Scotland and the Dept for International Development and US microchip and computing manufacturers.

Specific skills include design and implementation of process and procedures to support company development and operations, Core Process Redesign; HR & H&S policy development, HR and Resourcing management.

Stephen Kelly, C&R Glasgow

Stephen has a background in housing spanning some 39 years in both the public and private sectors, with over 17 years in a managerial position. He worked as manager of the care and repair services in the Inverclyde, North Lanarkshire and West Lothian local authority areas between 2004 and 2016, managing teams to deliver a variety of services for older and disabled home owners and private tenants. He left Inverclyde in December 2016 to take up the position of Project Officer with Glasgow Care and Repair, as he believes the HEEPS equity loan scheme project will play a major role in tackling energy efficiency  and repair issues which affect the health and well being of our clients, and ties in with the government objectives of enabling people to remain at home in their community.

Trevor Mitchell, C&R Perth

Trevor has been working in social housing for 31 years and started within the SSHA housing as a maintenance joiner at Rosyth Maintenance Depot. From this stating point, he truly treasured the fact that he was part of a very clear thinking and passionate motion of people, who understood housing as a point of principle.

At the age of 24​, he became the youngest Assistant Foreman Joiner in the history of the SSHA, he then was transferred to an office position in Palmerstone Pl Edinburgh as an Assistant Buyer, moved onto a position as a Clerk of Works, Maintenance Officer, Asset Management Officer and now a Projects Officer with Caledonia HA, Care and Repair in Perth. Which has a truly, strong, lively, understanding staff membership.

Session Description

The Scottish Government has recently launched an exciting and innovative equity loan scheme which will allow homeowners and private sector landlords to improve the energy efficiency of their property and make certain repairs to the fabric of the building.

The loan will allow homeowners to borrow against the value of their home and will only be repaid when the property is sold or the applicant dies, meaning there will be no upfront costs and no monthly repayments.Instead the loan will be translated into equity based on the loan amount and property’s market value and will be held by the Scottish Government until the loan is due to be repaid.

The scheme is available to properties in the Argyll and Bute, Glasgow City and Perth and Kinross local authority areas.To qualify, the property will need to be in council tax band A-C or an occupant will need to be in receipt of a qualifying benefit, and landlords must be a natural person with no more than 2 properties.

Energy Saving Trust will be partnering with Care and Repair in all 3 local authority areas to support the scheme.  For this scheme they will liaise with all applicants and make their network of contractors available and also provide an enhanced level of support where necessary.  



2017 Information Sessions 1:

1.Introducing Care & Repair Clients to a Digital World - Ann Porter, C&R Scotland Digital Inclusion Project

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Ann Porter joined Care and Repair Scotland in September 2016.  As the new Digital Inclusion Project Officer, she has designed a pilot project to help older people improve their wellbeing using digital technology. Ann has worked in the Third Sector for 20 years in various roles, most recently setting up transport services for older people in Glasgow and East Dunbartonshire.

Session Description

What is digital inclusion and why is it necessary?  Why is Care and Repair Scotland involved?  This session will focus on our new digital inclusion project and how it aims to improve our clients’ health and wellbeing.  We will explore some of the surprising challenges facing older people trying to get onlineand how we have overcome them to prove that age is no barrier to digital learning.


2.Forming partnerships with Integrated Joint Boards - Jaqui Reid, Third Sector Health & Social Care Support Team, The ALLIANCE

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This session will provide an overview of the new integrated health and social care landscape, and provide participants with the opportunity to explore how the contribution of community transport can be better enabled.  Participants should leave with a better understanding of the new health and social care landscape and a clearer idea of how to engage with and influence health and social care partnerships. 


Information Sessions 2:

1. Making Sense of Hospital Discharge Information - Simon Little, Director Kinbank

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Simon is an optimist and an idealist. He believes most problems can be solved through constructive leadership and meaningful collaboration.

He has 30 years of experience spanning social housing, health and social care and community regeneration.He is currently:

  • a Director of Kinbank, a social research company;
  • a Non-Executive Board Member of NHS Fife and Chair of Fife’s Health and Social Care Partnership;
  • a Non-Executive Board Member of The Scottish Housing Regulator;
  • and a General Member of The Mental Health Tribunal for Scotland.

He will be addressing the conference in a personal capacity.

Session Description 

The session will look at the causes of Housing Related Delayed Hospital Discharges and recent trends, and will include a video of Aberdeen's experience. Participants will be challenged to answer the question - Can Care and Repair do more to help?  


2. Progress of the Dementia Enablement Project - Aberdeen, Angus, Lochaber Care and Repair

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Karen Milne, Aberdeen C&R

Having studied at Aberdeen College and the Open University, Karen has extensive experience working in both the public and private sector in various administration/financial roles in her early career.  In 1993 she joined Aberdeen City Council, trained as a NHER Assessor and managed the energy performance of its stock.  She joined Care and Repair initially in 1999 to develop a new project around Affordable Warmth for homeowners.  Since 2003, she has successfully managed and developed Aberdeen Care and Repair Services, including attracting funding out-with local authority provision and generating income through service delivery.  Karen also manages a loan fund and charitable fund which is available to their client group.

The Aberdeen service now delivers a range of services aimed at assisting older and disabled people remain living independently within their own home, including a small repairs service and adaptation service that are income generating.  

Judith Lesie, Angus C&R

Judith studied Architecture at Scott Sutherland School of Architecture and worked as an Architect in private practice before starting Strathearn Care and Repair and then setting up Angus Care and Repair in 1994.  Angus became the first independent Care and Repair in Scotland in 1998 and has grown from strength to strength helping people to remain safe, secure and free from falls at home by helping them with major and minor repairs, major and minor adaptations, home safety and security.  The most recent piece of work produced by Care and Repair is a recipe book to encourage more people to cook at home in order to stay active by shopping and cooking, stay healthy by eating good food and be social by inviting friends or sharing recipes.

Judith previously volunteered for Riding for the Disabled as a helper then group instructor and is passionate about assisting people with any disabilities to remain independent at home. 

Judith is also involved with another exciting piece of work commissioning research into current housing options, solutions and services for people affected by dementia and the scoping of an online resource to build an interactive knowledge and advice hub.  This work was developed in conjunction with fellow housing professionals and is also being supported by the Life Changes Trust.

Maureen Cameron, Lochaber, C&R

Maureen Cameron manages Lochaber Care & Repair, which is a subsidiary company of Lochaber Housing Association.  Having worked previously in the banking sector for over 20 years, Maureen has been with Care & Repair since 2006.

Lochaber Care & Repair provides a range of services which assist older and disabled people to remain living independently and safely at home including Major Adaptations and Repairs, a Handyperson and Small Repairs Service, Community Aids and Equipment and Technology Enabled Care. Lochaber Care & Repair is also a demonstration site for the Scottish Government’s Adapting for Change programme; developing and testing key aspects of the approach recommended by the Adaptations Working Group to inform a revision of the national policy framework for housing adaptations and to provide learning to improve practice.

Session Description

The majority of older people live in their own homes and this number is set to increase, with people living longer and a focus people being cared for in the community. Whilst there has been significant research on new-build design for people living with dementia, there is not a vast amount of information about adapting existing stock. People living with dementia are more likely to have falls or accidents in the home and therefore it is especially important to ensure that the home is safe and free from potential hazards at an early stage. The Life Changes Trust has funded four Care & Repair services, operating in three different geographical areas, to develop and test a Home Enablement & Safety Service for people affected by dementia and their unpaid carers for a three year period. At last year’s Conference, Judith from Angus and Maureen from Lochaber shared the background to the project, its aims and outcomes and agreed to return in 2017 to update delegates on progress and share what they have learned during the first year of the project.        

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