EVH Annual Conference & Exhibition 2017

 27th - 29th October 2017 - The Fairmount, St Andrews

Mission Possible!


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“Mission Possible” is the theme for EVH's 2017 Annual Conference and is essentially about the very ethos of community involvement, people getting together to make a difference. It is another challenging year for the voluntary sector what with BREXIT, maybe another General Election - who knows what’s coming next!  In a time when the nation is pretty divided, it is up to us to make sure we don’t lose sight of our collective identity, where we feel connected and continue to play a part in this critical role. 

Don’t miss Friday’s opening keynote by Gavin Oattes, founder of Tree of Knowledge. “Inspirational”, “Mind-Blowing”, “Hilarious” and “Barn-Storming” are just a few of the words used by clients to describe Gavin and his unique ability to entertain, enlighten and educate an audience. 

Presenting the Helen McGregor Awards on Friday evening will be Cat Harvey an award winning freelance TV and Radio Presenter, Sunday Mail Columnist, travel writer and Pantomime personality. Cat is back for another year to present the Awards as she was a hit and a really popular presenter!

The Conference is an excellent opportunity for housing professionals to network at our largest gathering of board/committee members and staff at every level, so if you only exhibit at one event a year—make it this one! 


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