Know Your EVH Delegate


Board / Committee Members

It is the job of the Board and Committee members to further the organisation, keeping within its charitable objectives.

They must ensure that the organisation functions within the legal and financial requirements of a charitable organisation and strives to achieve best practice, including the management of supplier contracts.

Each year the EVH Conference and Exhibition has around 170 Board and Committee members in attendance.



The Chairpersons' remit is to lead the Board/Management Committee body in ensuring that it fulfils its responsibilities for the governance of the organisation.

They ensure that the Board/Management Committee sets overall strategy and policy objectives including the decision making process relating to appointing contractors to provide products and services throughout the organisation.

The Chairperson monitors the progress of the annual plan and overall strategic plan ensuring that appropriate resources (personnel, financial, material) are secured with which to achieve agreed goals.

They actively promote the organisation to a wider audience of potential donors and beneficiaries.


Chief Executives

The Chief Executives report to the Board/Management Committee.

It is their job to co-ordinate the preparation of the annual budget and to submit it to the Board/Management Committee ensuring that expenditure is controlled in line with the annual budget as approved by the Board/Management Committee and to be responsible to the Board/Management Committee for the overall financial health of the organisation, including making purchasing decisions in relation to suppliers.

It is also their remit to foster good relations with government, statutory and voluntary bodies, together with corporate suppliers.

Each year a percentage of our delegates are made up of Chief Executives and Staff Members.

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